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Четверг, 22.02.2024, 04:53
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The VTB case demonstrates well that equity matters, and one day some assets may turn into a pumpkin.

 Figure 1.

Banksters’ business and trading on the stock exchange have a common component: all your past profits are a reserve for future losses.

The one who does not know this simple rule, one day goes away.

Therefore, we need to somehow evaluate the company at the moment.

The ... Читать дальше »

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Today, the question of the level of the future Federal Reserve rate is relevant.

Therefore, we need to somehow define its possible space.

Figure 1.

To this end, I have collected significant indicators in one picture.

The average ten-year increase in the monetary base, known as the currency, does not exceed 1,075.

Thus, we have every reason to assume that the FRB rate will not be higher. ... Читать дальше »

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The company has presented a good report and has a stable flow of dividends.

Figure 1.

The enterprise is also able to pay more to shareholders, having a higher cash flow, so there is no visible threat to the future income of investors.

The price history in a large time dimension is shown in the figure below.

... Читать дальше »

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The growth rates of the narrow monetary base and the rate of the Central Bank.

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Sber did not submit its report in the usual form, and this created some difficulties.

I didn't know his operating cash flow and had to replace it with the sum of interest income and commission income with deductible costs.

But it's not that problematic.

My standard formula for calculating the possibility of receiving dividends is = operating cash flow * equity/balance sheet.

The meaning of this indicator is to maintain the proportion between equity and liabilities.

... Читать дальше »
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The pictures below show the main figures about company.

I think that dividends can be no more than 1400 rubles per share.

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The company continues to lose money.

Net income has no monetary content, and Yandex spends deposits to support the continuation of its activities.

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This is an interesting topic, and it needs to be expanded.

A competent example of describing a process without beginning and ending was created a long time ago.

On the stock exchange, we have a well-known and used indicator called the moving average.

When we apply it to price data using different time periods of the indicator, we see the full picture and trends.

Without a doubt, it can be used to describe any data that does not have a reference point.

... Читать дальше »

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Inflation is usually measured in relative numbers. Relationships always require a point of reference.

For this purpose, data for the previous year for the same period is most often used.

But now we've come to the point where it doesn't work.

If we have a sharp spike in data, then the attitude to this data shows a distorted picture.

Today, the picture of weekly inflation looks like this.

... Читать дальше »

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It is already known that the year continues a series of losses.

The realization that the losses of the broad market are much greater does not give me pleasure.

My loss is 3,4%.

The  MOEX Russia Net Total Return (Resident) Index lost 38%.

Our common history is depicted in the figure below in relative numbers and cumulative totals.

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