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China's central bank remains strict and unyielding.

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The company has a very good financial condition, but it saves money on dividends.

Thus, the stock market, when money is in value, does not value shares by FCF.

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The central bank monitors average inflation, and since historically the direction of inflation is downward, the average value is always higher.

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A useful comparison of the monetary base, IMOEX, dollar exchange rate and inflation on the same chart.

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Before discussing the prospects of individual banks, we must assess the situation in the sector as a whole.

The banking sector has accumulated a lot of risks, which can be reflected in the graph below.


The ratio between M2 and the monetary base characterizes the gap between loans issued and available free money.

Thus, banks depend on Central Bank money, which is very expensive.

And the next steps that could be expected from banks are either reducing loans and accumulating ca ... Читать дальше »

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Yandex is rapidly turning from a company that earns money into a company that takes it away.

Now the company has not earned a penny in its entire history.


Yandex does not pay dividends and does not have FCF, so we cannot evaluate it using a direct method.

All the money that the company received, excluding any expenses, is shown in the graph below.


... Читать дальше »

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Dynamics of the number of shares.


The adequacy of equity capital.


The liquidity ratio of the balance sheet.


Cash flow * equity adequacy.


Net income * liquidity ratio.



An estimate based on doubled cash flow * equity adequacy and net profit * liquidity ratio over the past seven years. ... Читать дальше »

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In recent years, the steel company did not like to borrow, and therefore the dividends doubled in 7 years and the strict FCFs doubled in 7 years were close.

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The modern theory of money, expressed in other terms, and what banks create.


There are many myths about modern money and banks.

Therefore, we need to describe it in simple words, based on well-known analogues.

Let's remember physics in an abstract form.

At first, we have a point with a certain mass. = “M”.

If we want to set this point in motion, we must a ... Читать дальше »

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The ability to calculate doubled changes in cash flows over a monetary period is very convenient and helps to convert these changes into an exchange price.

It's like a mathematical integral.

The market evaluates the future, so we double our integral of the past data.

This method will help us describe price fluctuations on the stock exchange based on various cash flow options.

The first option is simply based on dividends.

... Читать дальше »

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