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Пятница, 14.06.2024, 21:29
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Unipro has a slight glitch with dividends, but this will allow you to see the price on the stock exchange in real numbers.

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Phosagro is facing increasing risks associated with maintaining high debt levels and declining revenues.

Figure 1.

The company has been building up debts for a long time and paying large unearned dividends.

Now times are changing, and the reverse side of the coin can take revenge.

The valuation of shares based on these two indicators also differs significantly.

Figure 2. ... Читать дальше »

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For comparison, it would be useful to describe another electric grid company similar to the previous one.

Figure 1.

The figure above shows the strict FCF and dividends over many years.

The same data is shown below, but it is presented in double form over seven years.

Figure 2.

Then the price on the stock exchange can be added to this.

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The company demonstrates good reporting and competent management.

Picture 1.

And further, based on these data, I want to remind you what a strict FCF is, and in addition to the previous theoretical considerations, clarify it.

Strict FCF is some company’s free money that we receive by indirect calculation.

Strict FCF = CF * (equity/ balance sheet) * ( working capital / balance sheet).

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Having teased investors for a while, Gazprom returns itself to its usual place, where it should be.

Picture 1.

The strict FCF doubled in seven years is a good estimate indicator that gives some average conservative value to the company over the years.

A strong deviation from it means growing risks caused by momentary factors.

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Sber continues to master large budget expenditures, which have led to an abundant influx of customer money.

But some problems are already visible on the horizon.

Picture 1.

Capital adequacy is on the verge of compliance with the dividend policy.

And the liquidity reserve is minimal for many years.

Picture 2.

... Читать дальше »

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Credit growth resumed after the Central Bank raised its key interest rate.

Thus, banks do not consider the size of this key rate to be an obstacle.

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Russian budget flies into space.

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It was not easy to find this indicator because I did not find it on the Eurosystem portal.

But it can be extracted from the ECB's balance sheet.

To find it, you need to add up the currency in circulation and the ECB’s liability to euro area credit institutions related to MPOs( monetary policy operations).

So I have done it.

Figure 1.

This helps us calculate the speed of the p ... Читать дальше »

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The consumer price index in the United States does not correspond to the Fed's views, so expectations of a rate cut are very optimistic.

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