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Главная » 2023 » Март » 16 » What about the Sber.
What about the Sber.

Sber did not submit its report in the usual form, and this created some difficulties.

I didn't know his operating cash flow and had to replace it with the sum of interest income and commission income with deductible costs.

But it's not that problematic.

My standard formula for calculating the possibility of receiving dividends is = operating cash flow * equity/balance sheet.

The meaning of this indicator is to maintain the proportion between equity and liabilities.

If this is not done, capital adequacy will decrease.

The second formula is based on the proportion in assets.

Loans granted are a risk that must be compensated by liquid assets.

Thus, the proportion must be preserved, and the net profit must be multiplied by this coefficient.

= Net profit * (1 – loans granted / balance sheet)

All calculations are made in rubles per share.

Stocks are now expensive relative to money. Dividends do not provide the corresponding income.

Despite my opinion, I trade in a small size.

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