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Главная » 2024 » Май » 13 » Rosseti Centre and Volga region.
Rosseti Centre and Volga region.

The company demonstrates good reporting and competent management.

Picture 1.

And further, based on these data, I want to remind you what a strict FCF is, and in addition to the previous theoretical considerations, clarify it.

Strict FCF is some company’s free money that we receive by indirect calculation.

Strict FCF = CF * (equity/ balance sheet) * ( working capital / balance sheet).

Having received it in the last seven years, we double it to get the share price.

Why is this so?

The market evaluates the future based on the past and we assume that if the money doubles in the seven years the company’s money will double too.

But this is too generalized an approach.

And different companies may have different historical growth rates.

Rosseti Center and Volga Region have good historical growth rates of strict FCF, which correspond to the growth rates of today's money.

Picture 2.

Thus, the estimates made now using this method are quite accurate.


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